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  1. The site - Baltic Machinery, which is available online at -
  2. - Birgit Ltd. / Baltijos Technikos Centras Ltd., the Republic of Lithuania set up a private limited company, legal entity code 300113428, registered address - Svajonės g. 28, Klaipėda, the data is collected and processed by the State Enterprise Centre of Registers of Legal Entities, email address - [email protected], telephone number +370 46 30 11 00
  3. User - Any person registered to the Site (whether a person, a legal person);
  4. User - any person not registered to the Site (whether a person, a legal person) who uses the Web site;
  5. Services - Web site offers custom titanium frames and forks sport-cycling services, which can be constantly updated, additional or changed on the Web site, and is always the concept of service includes all such services, the Web site;
  6. Account - reference to the relevant web page;
  7. Partners - considered are legal persons with whom cooperate in providing services on the Site;
  8. Cookie - a small file that is sent to the device, to any person visit to the Web site;
  9. Browser - a program for displaying web pages (web pages) on the web or a PC;
  10. Personal data - any information relating to a natural person - whose identity is known or can be directly or indirectly by reference to such data as a personal identification number, one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social signs;
  11. The personal recipient - legal or natural person to whom the personal data, including partners;
  12. Privacy Policy - this document, which contains basic personal data and other relevant information collection, storage, handling and storage rules by using the Web site;
  13. Law - Ministry of Personal Data Protection Act;
  14. General requirements - the State Data Protection Inspectorate Director in 2008. November
  15. Order No. 1T-17 (12.1) on the general requirements for organizational and technical security measures of personal data validation;
  16. Site Administrator - Site for the administration of the responsible person;
  17. IP Address - Every computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Since these numbers are usually assigned in country-based blocks, an IP address can often be used in the country in which the computer is connected to the Internet to identify.


  1. Web site's privacy policies are provided basic personal data and other personal important information collection, storage and processing rules for users and / or users using the Web site and on the site's services.
  2. Privacy Policy is designed to protect and defend the site users and / or users' personal data and other data from unauthorized use.
  3. Both consumers should be regarded as familiar with this Privacy Policy, when they receive it by email when registering on the Web site, or ordering the services concerned. With this site, you can access a document at any time on the Web site, you can also download and print from the same site. Any future changes to the Privacy Policy and / or additions to the users and the users will always be informed both the Web site and email, when for the first time after such changes to subscribe to the service and / or logs in to the site.
  4. are registered personal data protection control register: Identification Code - P510, the registration date - 2012-08-15.
  5. This Privacy Policy applies to all cases where receives personal data because the User and / or users sign and / or acquired through the site services. Users and / or users should note that they subscribe to the service provided by Partners, the protection of personal data can additionally be applied Affiliate Privacy Policy, for which responsible. Also would like to point out that the Web site contains links to other persons, companies or organizations' web sites, and that not responsible for the content of such web sites and / or privacy policy enforcement methods, so before making any User information about yourself and / or user should refer to the respective web site rules and privacy policies, and other documents.
  6. Persons wishing to register on the Web site must provide your email, invented the user name and password. Check-in time is created Profile. The user can at any time to adjust, add or delete your profile.


  1. Depending on the user and / or users demand specific nature of the services is collected and stored in these personal data - name, personal identification number, date of birth, place of residence, nationality, telephone number, personal identity card (passport) number, date and place, email address, payment card details, IP address, passport number and date of travel itinerary, the customer identifier (which the system assigns a customer).
  2. In order to improve our Web site and to ensure range of services provided and the quality and efficient use of the Web site informs that the use of the Web site is designed to collect information to calculate site traffic (to collect statistical information) in order to provide users and / or users interest of the content of the site and preserve the history of the visit of the receipt of the User and / or the user's consent, as described in this Privacy policy.

Consent valid for an unlimited period of time up to the user and / or users to cancel their agreement notifying the site administrator at the email to: [email protected]. Detailed information about cookies that collect statistical information:

Cookie Title Purposes of the processing Creation moment Expiry date The data used Additional information
Web site visitors accounting counter





These cookies are used for statistical information on Web site traffic to collect. The data obtained are used for the preparation of reports and to improve the site. Entrance to the site 2 years 30 minutes until the end of 1 year Accounting used IP addresses and Unique ID numbers. Accounting result statistic. Counter shall be carried out through the "Analytics" For more information from Google's State Data Protection Inspectorate cooperate with software developers to ensure that the use of cookies will comply with the legal requirements.
Web site visitors accounting counter fbm_1286501868037147fbsrc_1286501868037147 These cookies are used for statistical information on Web site traffic to collect. The data obtained are used for the preparation of reports and to improve the site. Entrance to the site Counter shall be carried out through the Facebook


  1. use personal data for the marketing only.
  2. By direct marketing collect the following personal data: name, email. Submission of personal data is used for marketing purposes, is expressed by ticking the appropriate box tick.
  3. All personal data collected for direct marketing and other purposes consistent with the law and the provisions of the general requirements.
  4. User and / or the user may at any time revoke their consent to this by sending an email to the webmaster [email protected].
  5. When administering the Web site and diagnosis of possible malfunctions site administrator can use the user and / or users' IP addresses.


  1. informs that do not pass over in return for payment or free of charge, or otherwise, does not disclose personal information to third parties in both the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union countries and other foreign countries, with the exception of the following cases:
    1. if there is a user and / or the user's consent;
    2. the provision of the services offered on the Web site - Partners or authorized third parties who process personal data on behalf of this Privacy Policy for the purposes mentioned, such as payments, Service Orders, etc .;
    3. law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Lithuania statutory procedures;
    4. if necessary to prevent criminal acts or the need for them to investigate.
    5. personal data handles inhouse.

VI. PERSONAL DATA CORRECTION, additions and Deletion:

  1. User and / or user to provide the right collect, manage, process and store user and / or users' personal data to the extent and for such purposes, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and other site documents. User and / or user has the right to withdraw their consent collect, manage and process his personal data at any time, demand an end to collect, organize, and manage their personal data, delete personal data and eliminate his profile. Consent to collect, manage and process user and / or users' personal data giving or cancellation only applies to the front. of the user and / or user of receipt of such notification immediately suspend the processing of personal data, but it does not mean that to delete / destroy personal data if it has grounds to keep them.
  2. User has access to their personal data. To find out which personal data collected from various sources, the purposes for which they are processed, to which recipients they have been submitted and to provide a User / User must pre-apply to the email address indicated in this Privacy Policy. implemented by the user and / or user's right of access to personal data processed within 30 calendar days from the user and / or user request.
  3. If you're familiar with your personal details and / or operator determines that the personal data are incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate have the right to appeal to the email asking him to rectify the incorrect, incomplete and inaccurate personal data and (or) suspend processing of such personal data processing operations. Personal data shall be rectified and destroyed or processing operations are suspended by the data subject's identity and his personal data in the supporting documents. implemented by the user and / or user's right to suspend the processing of personal data (personal data or destroy) within 5 working days from the user and / or user request.
  4. personal data are kept for 5 (five) years from their submission, except if this Privacy Policy is provided different retention period.
  5. User in advance agrees that his data have the right to hold for an indefinite period if the data has been used in illegal acts or identity theft or any other violation, which has been or will be carried out to the appropriate law enforcement authorities in the investigation, if has received complaints related to the consumers and / or users, or if remarked respective user and / or operators of the Privacy policy and / or Web site in the offenses, or if there are other legitimate objectives to protect personal data.
  6. In implementing the aforementioned law for consumers and / or users can apply to e. Email [email protected].


  1. ensure that the user and / or the user of the personal data on the Web site are protected from any illegal action: the misuse of personal data modification, or destruction of disclosure, identity theft, fraud and the protection of personal data in line with the level of the Republic of Lithuania legislation.
  2. Personal data is protected against loss, unauthorized use and modification. The room where the collected data is physically protected against unauthorized access. Web site users and / or user data is protecting the database is protected from unauthorized access via computer networks.


  1. This Privacy Policy is valid from 2017. February 14th. Any changes to the privacy policy users and / or user will be informed on the Web site, and to the notification email address.
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