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Various videos about our company and products.


A selection of images showcasing our products and production process.

Yanmar D36 Diesel Outboard Engine
Yanmar Outboard Service
Yanmar Engine repair process
Yanmar Engine calibration
Yanmar outboard Engine metering
Yanmar Engine overhaul
Yanmar D36
Yanmar D40
Yanmar D36 Diesel motor welding
Baltic Machinery outboard service
Full OEM overhaul
Yanmar outboards
Diesel outboard Yanmar
Yanmar D18, D27, D36 and D40 diesel outboard engines
Yanmar diesel outboard engines
Diesel outboard service
Yanmar diesel outboard ignition system service
Yanmar fuel tank with hoses
Yanmar transom installation through bolts with nuts
Yanmar D27 outboard fuel filter
Yanmar diesel outboard motors
Yanmar D40
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